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  • Date: 30.10.23

    Thirst Shots: TFWA

    This short, sharp, shot of inspiration straight from the beverage world uncovers three go-tos for GTR greatness, inspired by our recent visit to The Duty Free & Travel Retail Global Summit in Cannes

    01 Activate across the full funnel

    Travel offers a super premium space and passion point to create powerful brand connections. But to raise awareness, enable consideration and drive purchase decisions, brands need to consider how they show up across the full activation funnel.

    How can you make sure your omni-channel airport experience excels?

    02 Go next level premium

    While many people are in a more frivolous mindset during the liminal state of travelling and open to splurging little luxuries, high net-worth individuals who are looking to invest in assets as well as adventure are also proving fruitful for many high end brands.

    How can you pair limited experiences with limited high end travel exclusives to take luxury to the next level?

    03 Make your brand an essential detour

    Travel is always transient and can be chaotic, but it is also a time when reality is suspended and people are more adventurous, open-minded and willing to splash out. Glamorous and exciting, GTR can often feel like a brand Disneyland. 

    How can you stand out to make sure your brand makes memories (as well as sells products)?

    To access the full piece, along with our juicy what-if brand implications, please get in touch with


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