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  • Date: 02.04.24

    Thirst Shots: ProWein

    The wine world is a sprawling vineyard of innovation and tradition, a blend that’s as rich and diverse as the wines it produces. Our journey to ProWein in Düsseldorf uncorked a trove of trends that are reshaping the wine industry, to inform the latest edition of Thirst Shots.

    Join us as we dive into the ever-evolving world of wine, showcasing the marriage of viniculture’s deep-rooted heritage with the winds of change brought by sustainability, innovation, and a wider embrace of inclusivity.

    01 Unbottled Potential

    The future of wine packaging is as diverse as the varieties it holds. We explore how the melding of eco-conscious practices with bold design is not just changing the landscape but leading a green revolution in the wine world.

    How can you challenge perceptions and embrace new materials to disrupt and delight?

    02 Beyond the Buzz

    Low and no-alcohol wines are capturing the essence of fine wine, catering to a growing desire for mindful consumption. These offerings are not just alternatives but are creating their own traditions, enjoyed in moments of quiet reflection or vibrant social gatherings. 

    How can you credibly move into low & no propositions without diluting your core?

    03 Unburstable Bubbles

    The sparkling wine and champagne sector is witnessing a significant surge, driven by an increasing consumer appetite for both luxury and accessible indulgence. This growth spans from traditional strongholds to new markets, underscoring a diverse consumer interest.

    Given this is a bubble that is unlikely to pop any time soon, how can you lead the charge?

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