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  • Date: 25.08.22

    Is the future of beer, still beer?

    Beer has been a social stimulant since its conception, but with fierce competition from new and exciting tipples, we’ve been working hard with our clients to identify emerging trends to optimise future revenue beyond their traditional category boundaries.

    Having ridden the low & no wave, brands are now tackling the mid ABV offering a more sessionable sip to relax and unwind without the impending hangover, but is it enough? Broadening repertoires, the hard seltzer boom was a stark reminder that the competition isn’t beer vs beer anymore, so where can beer steal share from next?

    Seeking unique experiences and better health without compromise, consumers have embraced enhanced products in other categories, but will they in beer? Expectations are on for brands to broaden horizons and connect with more specific needs and communities – interested?

    A fitness fad or future?

    Why break good habits? Beer and fitness are two worlds that don’t mix on paper, yet exploring different lifestyles and barriers to beer has the potential to unlock unexpected moments beyond the occasion silo. Open-minded gym goers are ready for a more casual post-workout drink. Blending function with sessionability, new electrolyte fusions, caffeine boosters and protein brews could make their way into fitness recovery with a low carb reward.

    The Immunity Opportunity

    Alcohol with benefits might seem a long way off, but finding a better balance is closer than you think. Borrowing from the world of immunity boosting teas and tonics, beer can find synergies in parts of its brewing process, particularly fermentation, to champion new ingredients such as mushrooms and superfoods for kombucha combos and probiotic styles. Combining the brewing craft with alternative categories can open new avenues and unlock benefits beer once only dreamed of.

    Beer Beyond Borders

    For too long beer has played within the same boundaries, yet this isn’t enough to satisfy budding taste explorers  looking for deeper authentic roots beyond expected tradition. Inspired by diverse communities, brews making a cultural statement appeal attract drinks tourists, appealing with new flavours, styles and formats so collaborate and get local to create original and authentic breakthroughs beyond the brewery.

    From brain hindrance to brain power

    As the world moves forward to embrace the positive effects of cannabis and psychedelics, beer can’t rely solely on flavour to deliver its experience and could be left behind as these brain boosting alternatives offer a more immersive and beneficial one. Shifting from low to high is a challenge yet hybrids that embrace new ingredients alongside amplified flavour can begin to spark that open-minded creativity new era drinkers are searching for. 

    Three Top Tips to take beer innovation to the next level:

    BREAKOUT beyond borders and occasions to embrace your drinkers mindsets and lifestyles and unlock new moments of enjoyment.

    EXPLORE the craft synergies with adjacent categories to unlock health conscious sessionability.

    EMBRACE new active ingredients to move beyond flavour to create unconventional beer experiences of the future.

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