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  • Date: 30.04.24

    Thirst Shots: Cognac

    In the wake of a lockdown-induced boom, cognac finds itself at a crossroads with a noticeable slowdown. This can be attributed, in part, to shifts in post-pandemic drinking habits that have heightened competition within the industry. Tequila, for instance, has taken the spotlight in the nightclub scene.

    Compounding these challenges is the global financial crunch, which has strained consumer spending. This economic backdrop creates an uphill struggle, particularly for more premium spirits.

    However, “perceptions of the wider brandy category are shifting more positively”, according to a recent article in The Spirits Business. And Martell reported 10% growth in fiscal 2023, showing fresh potential for the category.

    01 All Hail Accessibility

    To modernise cognac, we need to make the inaccessible now accessible and educate consumers on how to drink cognac. It could be as simple as swapping the base ingredient in your favourite cocktail with cognac.

    What if cognac’s image could be redefined, making it versatile, enjoyable and free from outdated norms?

    02 Reclaim Relevancy

    Cognac has made its name as the drink for both Royals and Hip Hop royalty alike. And whilst the category is making significant efforts to modernise its image, there is still an underlying set of invisible rules and codes of how it should be consumed. 

    Can we connect with the fresh cravings and codes of a new era, driving reappraisal and relevance by subverting past stigma or embracing seasonality?

    03 Push the Possibilities

    Done right, innovation can help a brand unlock new or adjacent occasions, flavours or rituals, widening its product range. At the other it can drive fresh relevance and create aspiration.

    Given this is a bubble that is unlikely to pop any time soon, how can you lead the charge?

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