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  • Date: 08.11.23

    Thirst Shots: Bar Convent Berlin

    This short, sharp, shot of inspiration straight from the beverage world delves into new hospitality horizons from our recent visit to Bar Convent Berlin where we witnessed a hospitality sea-change.

    The industry hungers for unique, immersive experiences beyond spaces—embracing moments, memories, and brand magic. How can brands not only join but lead this cultural shift? Join us as we delve into diverse facets, backed by concrete examples, inviting you to reimagine the future.

    01 Remix your moments

    Hybrid hospitality blends diverse activities, redefining leisure by fusing different worlds, offering unique experiences. From festivals to sports and nightlife, the chance to own moments and join subcultures thrives.

    Can brands become the hybrid catalysts, converting niche or ordinary moments into truly memorable experiences?

    02 Own the night

    Post-COVID, freedom reigns in the night. With saturated early-evening moments and abundant happy hours, brands can reshape the night’s narrative. The appetite for nocturnal experiences signals an opportunity, as cities aim to activate round-the-clock economies.

    In a world that’s awake 24/7, where can your brand illuminate and own a slice of the night?

    03 Saving our social futures

    Our watering holes are vital lifelines. Bartenders blend drinks and stories, crafting on-trade theatre, elevating standards, and transforming bars into modern agoras for us to connect. Brands can enrich the cultural and social fabric, supporting vibrant communities.

    How can your brand be the bedrock of support for the serve and social spaces?

    To access the full piece, along with our insights and what-if brand implications, please contact:


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