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    We’ve got offices in New York & Glasgow, and we do things differently:

    The quality of thinking we provide. Our upfront investment in strategy. Our genuinely global team chosen for their expertise rather than their locations. And our proactive approach to developing and delivering the creative solutions you need. It all ensures we can produce consistently amazing work that sells, whatever the channel.

    We work exclusively with drinks brands – it’s where our collective passion lies – but we’re channel neutral by choice. We simply don’t believe that innovative thinking should be constrained by traditional silos. If you bring us your brand or a brief, together we’ll figure out the best ways to help you attract the eyeballs and generate the engagement that you need.

    Our Expertise

    From first chat to final high-fiving delivery, we provide our partners with standout work and exceptional service, every time. We’ve a full suite of global experts in-house, and we refuse to be constrained by traditional agency thinking or silos:


    • Futures
    • Innovation
    • Design Strategy
    • Voice
    • Brand Strategy
    • Research


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    • Packaging
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    • Structural Design
    • Activation
    • Illustration


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    • Film & Motion
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    • Brand Guardianship

    Our Team

    We are founded on a simple principle - do what you love and be the best at it. Our team is a collective of culturally diverse, multi-disciplinary, hand-picked specialists chosen for their skillset and passion, mixing fresh perspectives with wisdom of experience and commercial acumen. We thrive on ideas, openness and collaboration, investing undivided energy into our client partnerships whilst fostering our collective wellbeing.

    Chris Black

    Group Managing Director & Co-Founder

    Matt Burns

    Executive Creative Director & Co-Founder

    Bailey James

    Managing Director of North America

    Claire Barrett

    Head of Strategy

    Lynsey Pritchard

    Client Leadership Director

    Laurie Offer

    Growth Director

    Alina Pîrvu

    Strategy Director

    Sam Evans

    Strategy Director

    Laura Ford

    Strategy Director

    Sam Cutler

    Creative Director

    Polly Lindsay

    Creative Director

    Sean Lingwood

    Associate Creative Director

    Lorna Ferguson

    Marketing Manager

    Daisy Crowder

    Senior Account Director

    Jo Stein

    Account Director

    Fran Somerville

    Account Director

    Sarah O’Toole

    Account Director (New York)

    Ben Dantzic

    Account Director

    Melissa Preston

    Design Director

    Claudia Morris

    Design Director

    Chris Nokes

    Design Director

    Alice Merritt

    Design Director

    Steph Crockett

    Culture & Talent Manager

    Michelle Matuza

    Production Director

    Hannah McDermid

    Senior Strategist

    Craig Balbirnie

    Production Manager

    Eamon Cameron

    Design Lead

    Rachel Porter

    Lead Designer

    Rachel McMullan

    Senior Account Manager

    Hattie Windley

    Senior Designer

    Glen Thorpe

    Senior Designer & Culture Lead

    Alex Page

    Senior Designer

    Jake Rimmer

    Senior Designer

    Rex Harby

    Senior CG Artist

    Tessa Hill


    Elaine Polanski

    Studio Manager

    Rachael Craig

    Account Manager

    Matthew Wiseman

    Account Manager

    Kirsty Struthers


    Louis Peters


    Victoria Maher


    Torin Forbes

    Junior Designer