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    Our principle is simple - do what you love and be the best at it.

    You don’t need to hear another plucky underdog made-good story (although maybe we’ll tell you it over a drink sometime). All you really need to know is that none of our founders came from a traditional agency background. And it’s that fact, and the lack of traditional-thinking baggage that comes with it, that’s allowed us to build a new kind of creative company from the ground up.

    We recruit from all around the world. So if you’re the best at what you do, or aspire to be, you’re already ideally placed to work with us. We’re growing as fast as our reputation, so if you’re interested in a career with a new kind of creative company, go ahead and get in touch by emailing:

    Current Vacancies

    Design Director Glasgow / Remote / UK

    A creative and cultural leader. Your ability to lead teams, deliver results and inspire the team and clients is quite simply world class. You work outside your comfort zone to find unique results and new opportunities. A pure representation of the Thirst values and philosophy.

    Account Manager UK

    Our Account Managers are the 'go-to' contact for our clients, representing Thirst's creative work and values externally. With big picture thinking and a positive attitude, you'll successfully lead several teams to exceed client expectations and grow your accounts.

    Account Director UK

    With expert knowledge of the drinks industry, you’ll identify opportunities & solutions for our top-tier client base. A natural leader and entrepreneur, your work will benefit both clients and the company, driven by a desire to be the best in your field.