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  • Date: 04.12.23

    Thirst Shots: Ready-to-Serve Cocktails

    This instalment of Thirst Shots – a short, sharp shot of inspiration about the rise and refinement of ready to serve cocktails.

    Premixes, bottled, pre-batches or ready-to-pour – whatever you call them – ready-to-serve (RTS) cocktails are fast flooding the market and their permanence is permeating.

    Here we share our insights on growing beyond a traditional serve strategy to succeed in convenience-based channels, and how to retain the value of your brand while you do it!

    01 Bottling the premium pour

    Ready-to-serve needn’t be a devalued version of your proposition, in many cases it can elevate your core by making quality, craft cocktails more available.

    Could RTS be the opportunity to elevate your brand value beyond your current on-trade serve?

    02 Tapping Convenience

    For busy bars, craft cocktails on tap are a time saver on serve speed. Whilst for bars who don’t offer high-end mixology, RTS is proving to be a way of elevating their proposition. Meanwhile brands are guaranteed consistency of serve every time.

    How can cocktails on draft amplify your brand and its consumer reach and relevance?

    03 No space for waste

    Ethical and sustainable propositions are ever increasing. Premix ‘syrups’ and RTS offerings are going a long way in reducing waste that accumulates in the making of cocktails or ingredients and garnishes that expire. In turn, packaging is sustainably innovating as technological advancements are made. 

    Could RTS elevate your sustainable credentials within the industry and with consumers?

    To access the full piece, along with our insights and what-if brand implications, please complete this short form.


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