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  • Date: 28.02.24

    Thirst Shots: Prestige

    In this instalment of Thirst Shots – a short, sharp shot of inspiration straight from the beverage world, we explore elevating aspirations and achieving greatness in the Prestige space.

    New codes. New values. New experiences.

    In today’s evolving prestige landscape, knowledge transcends simple possession, becoming the key ingredient of the luxury experience. It’s about immersing oneself in a brand’s rich history and narrative, where understanding and appreciation deepens the connection between consumer and experience.

    This journey is about more than acquisition. It’s an awakening of the senses, fostering loyalty, wonder, and curiosity. Prestige brands are now crafting experiences tailored to individual cultural contexts and values, making every interaction exclusive, meaningful and resonant.

    A wealthy, younger, global group of individuals is emerging that are driving these changing relationships. How they experience and interact with Prestige is driven by values which are paradoxically principled and hedonistic. The Prestige spirits category is a lightning rod for innovation, where value is more than rarity; the transcendence of the ordinary creates experiences that make brands shine.

    We have identified three ways for brands to embrace new horizons in the Prestige category…

    01 New Values

    Conscientious is the new conspicuous. Silent luxury in Prestige drinks is more than a trend; it’s a major change. It redefines luxury to include authenticity, responsibility, and sustainability, along with quality and craftsmanship.

    More people now look for meaningful, responsible choices instead of just showing off wealth. The real worth of a product comes from its story, skilled making, and ethical enjoyment, not just its price or look.

    What if you delivered an immersive farm to glass journey?

    02 New Codes

    Curate deeper cult status. Prestige brands are speaking to increasingly individualistic choices. Curation and individuality redefines the category, making it a statement of your personality and status.

    The level of collaboration goes beyond just enjoying a drink; it’s about owning a piece of something that reflects who you are, your tastes and your social cache.

    Can you collaborate with the wider world of your consumers?

    03 New Experiences

    From possession to participation. Luxury brands are creating exclusive, in-person experiences that blur the lines between reality and imagination. It could be a private tasting in a hidden speakeasy, an exclusive food pairing in an exotic location, or a members-only club where each visit is a new discovery.

    This shift from mere possession to active participation opens the relationship, expanding the limits of what a brand can offer in a blended experiential world.

    Could you create a customised barrel program?

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