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    Redefining Luxury. Redefining Age.

    Age is not a number. It’s a place, a people, a philosophy distilled into two digits. Taking their ambition to become the most values-led spirit in the world into their first ever permanent, ultra premium aged range, Bruichladdich wanted to reimagine what luxury looks like. In a space which typically wants more weight, more material, more bulk, we channelled Bruichladdich’s values and the codes of next gen lux to choose less. Redefining the rules of luxury and reimagining what age really means in the process.

    In whisky, age is so often seen as the headline act. But, like with everything Bruichladdich does, the stories of these whiskies run far deeper than just a number. They are a place, a people, a philosophy, a passage of time distilled into two digits. So we bucked the ‘age above all’ status quo to tell a fuller story and spark deeper connection.

    Evolving the iconicity we had already built for The Classic Laddie’s proprietary pack, we elevated our bottle for this luxury range. Becoming more elegant and obsessing over the hidden details to meticulously merge form and function. The proprietary decanter-style bottles use an average of 60% recycled glass content. They are lighter than other prestige, high age statement whiskies in the category. We created a taller, slimmer silhouette and elongated and anchored the neck for a slower, more controlled pour for optimum sensorial enjoyment. A glass closure adds to the consistent, elegant look and feel of the Luxury Redefined range.

    Partnering with James Cropper we created bespoke outer wrap. The first ever colourform secondary pack in the spirits category. This lightweight outer packaging is entirely free from plastic and glue and produced using 100% green energy. Speaking to the modern language of luxury, its lightweight materials reduce Bruichladdich’s CO2 impact from creation to transportation, while the bespoke outer never compromises on elegance and quality. Unique emboss and deboss features include a branded, oversized custom clasp.

    A bold and beautiful statement to doing what’s right, not what’s expected. Joining people’s shifting mindsets and behaviours to rewrite what luxury can be.

    Redefining Age. Redefining Luxury.

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