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    Refreshing a true Scottish icon

    Tennent’s lager, Scotland’s best-selling beer brand, has long been renowned for its iconic can; to secure its position as the nation’s most loved lager we partnered with them to create a new modern visual identity that reflects the brand’s heritage as they look to the future.

    The redesign, first since 2018, aimed to build on Wellpark Brewery’s historic place in Scottish culture and its position as the founder of Scotland’s original pilsner brewed on the same site since 1885. To bring this to life, we dug into how Tennent’s operates as a brewery. Drawing on its pride for Scotland; from the locally sourced ingredients that go into every can of Tennent’s Lager to the brewery’s commitment to sustainable practices as well as its place in Scotland’s communities.

    The identity has been developed to lean into the quality of C&C Group’s Tennent’s Lager with a richer yellow to amplify a bolder red ‘T’ brandmark at the heart of the can, embellishing the existing keylines round the ‘T’ with a bevelled detail to add depth and craft. The new BVI includes limited edition glassware featuring illustrations by Tobias Hall. Introducing new markers in the barley motif, along with the retained Hugh Tennent’s signature, tells the story of the quality and skill that bring the lager to life and re-energise the brand.

    An evolution of a Scottish icon.

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