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    A culturally-iconic global masterbrand for Brooklyn Brewery, grounded in a single minded idea: Broadcasting the Brooklyn State of Mind to the world.

    Following a vision refresh, it was time to elevate the Brooklyn Brewery image with a bold and instantly recognisable identity. The challenge was to unify the brand’s off-pack global image, which had become fragmented, to enable consistency and cohesion at every touchpoint, while empowering local markets.

    Continuing our long term creative partnership with Brooklyn Brewery, alongside partner Carlsberg Group. Creating the masterbrand was as much an exercise in restraint and simplicity, as it was in celebrating heritage.

    With existing assets in place, the core elements and their use were optimised, particularly the iconic Brooklyn roundel. To build recognition of the masterbrand, the design system uses the roundel logo, originally designed by ‘I Love NY’ graphic designer Milton Glaser when the brand was founded in 1988, wherever possible.

    Known for its distinctly visually expressive beers, Brooklyn needed an off-pack design system that celebrates their individuality, while also enabling them to work together. Introducing new off-pack patterns for each sub-brand, distilled versions of the character and personality of each brand which could allow any combinations of beers to co-exist together, complementing the primary packs without visually competing with one another. To that effect, a bold black and white palette pays homage to the borough’s distinct, gritty and bold character, allowing the colourful character of the sub-brands to shine through, while maintaining a grounded visual consistency. Inspired by contact sheets & film negatives, the framing device and progress notes add depth and pace to the broadcasting narrative.

    The final masterbrand identity is distinct, cohesive and adaptive across media. Worthy of a culturally-iconic global brand and true to the spirit of its namesake borough.

    Karli Bainbridge, Vice President, Marketing at Brooklyn Brewery, says: “Thirst identified an opportunity to create a bold, culturally-iconic and instantly recognisable masterbrand to unify our image globally while staying true to our Brooklyn heritage.”

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