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    Not Your Classic Whisky

    On their road from challenger underdog to global icon, Bruichladdich needed a campaign to disrupt ATL and drive conversion BTL.

    While the world of whisky is traditionally a serious business, Bruichladdich has never been one for traditions. Or seriousness.

    With the joyconomy winning the attention war, we gave people a reason to smile in the whisky aisle. Because Bruichladdich is Not Your Classic in the way it thinks, behaves or does global campaigns.

    With Not Your Classic as our idea, everything this campaign did needed to behave differently.

    Shot by Justin Bettman, each character in our campaign tells a unique story, one that emphasises our whisky is as unique as those who drink it.

    From ATL through to our in store and on trade, each touchpoint found a boldly Bruichladdich angle to subvert the status quo.

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