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Glen’s Vodka

Scottish Spirit Reimagined

LocationScotland, U.K.

DeliverablesBrand Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging, Brand World

After decades of irreverence, it was time for Glen’s Vodka to move from imitation to impactful confidence and forge fresh relevance with consumers old and new. 

Born to take on a category by unapologetically subverting its codes, Glens vodka had become a widely known symbol of Scottish wit and good night's fun. Yet with ongoing fragmentation and a drifting sense of identity affecting quality perception and impeding growth, it was time to reassess the brand direction.

By repositioning Glen’s as a Sip of Real Scottish Spirit, we moved it away from inauthentic provenance to instead taking pride in its own Scottish roots in order to connect with the smart value seeking consumers. This not only elevated its distinct quality story and enhanced cohesion and clarity across the brand’s entire portfolio, but it also set the tone for a more grown up, yet still recognisably witty brand demeanour.

Glen’s core vodka is the first tangible expression of the new refresh to hit the shelves. Visually we sought to introduce tactile craft and character in every element, from evolving the brandmark to redrawing the rampant lions, amplifying the brand’s unparalleled, and reliable, taste experience. With a fresh new story to tell and visual equities to convey it, Glen’s stakes its claim to everyday quality, paving the way for braver growth ambitions.

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