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    Strong. Ambitious. Elegant. Timeless.

    With 78% of wine in the US bought by women and a steady stream of female producers shaking up the scene, the founders saw an opportunity for a range of luxury wines made by women for women. A new classic that would bring champagne out of the 18th century while being just as prestigious and just as covetable as the late and greats. Our task was to create a brand identity deserving of the champagne’s pioneering proposition.

    After an in-depth brand workshop, we developed our strategy around a proud, powerful statement celebrating the multi-facted nature of feminimity: Je suis une femme.

    Inspired by luxury fashion houses and high-end brands, Une Femme has a bold yet understated look that feels strong, ambitious, elegant and timeless – celebrating the multi-faceted nature of femininity.The stripped-back monochrome aesthetic is elevated through material and meticulous attention to detail across the packaging, from fluted foil finishes to a luxurious ribbon wrap.

    Meanwhile, an iconic monogram gives Une Femme its own level of prestige, using the brand’s initials to create an abstract glass. The central lock-up carries across the range where the brand flexes into different more playful occasions.

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