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    Pursuit of Whisky Possibility

    Creating a new-to-world blended malt Scotch whisky brand to disrupt and elevate the category. Seeking to recruit the modern whisky connoisseur, the Loch Lomond Group tasked us to build a new crafted global proposition to shake up the category. Balancing credibility with creative flair in a modern, engaging way to drive appreciation of blended malt Scotch whisky.

    Informed by the brand idea of always ‘inspiring beautiful contradictions’, we worked closely with the master blender to create three liquid profiles, each a combination of unexpected notes named to evoke emotion and transport the senses: Orchard Outburst, Smoke Symphony, Hazelnut Harmony.

    Inspired by the modern art gallery aesthetic, and complemented by an editorial approach to typography, the frame device heroes the layered creativity of each liquid while the vivid orange accent colour conveys curiosity and daring imagination. As every dram is an exercise in blending contradictory flavours into a thing of beauty; a bespoke illustration style has been created to convey each masterpiece. A bespoke illustration style has been created to convey each masterpiece. Finally, a layered crafted icon speaks to the brand’s distinct expertise within the category.

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