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    Celebrating the Proud Craft of a Cornish Original

    Proper Job is St Austell’s award-winning flagship IPA renowned for its bold, refreshing and vibrant taste. It was time for the brand to live up to its name from the famous Cornish phrase of “a job well done” by rewarding real moments big and small with its superior quality ale. With the aim to ignite the brand’s cross-channel quality perceptions consistently across bottle, can, keg and cask, the redesign needed to balance its true ale legacy with contemporary premium cues to retain loyal drinkers and recruit the next generation.

    This isn’t a beer about doing things differently, it’s about doing things right so every element of the new design celebrates proper craftsmanship. Refined through heartfelt handcraft, Proper Job’s name is amplified with pride whilst its crisp green has been vibrantly refreshed to reflect the true character of a Cornish spirit. This modern visual identity brings to life this distinctive IPA story across premium pump clips, bespoke glassware and brandworld, reinvigorating the brand’s superior quality for drinkers old and new.

    A proud symbol of true craftsmanship.

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