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    The Call of The Coast

    Repositioning the brand to shift perception, premiumise and unlock national distribution. In a category built on lifestyle and attitude, we harnessed positive Cornish associations and turned Korev into a free spirited state of mind. Using the coast as our compass, we shaped a bold, dynamic and layered visual identity across the brand world, from pack to on-trade, to brand experience. Exporting the Cornish state of mind nationally.

    Born in Cornwall and inspired by its surfers-paradise shoreline, premium lager Korev (meaning beer in Cornish) has the potential to be a key brand in St Austell Brewery’s portfolio. However thanks to a provenance and existing visual identity which were frequently misunderstood, the brand felt constrained rather than liberated by its county borders. To restore its relevance and win both on and off trade, it needed a complete overhaul.

    With an abstracted Cornish county making the perfect South-Westerly pointer, a palette which speaks to fluorescent orange buoys floating in the sea and textures and vistas straight from the brand’s home, Korev feels like a refreshing rallying cry of the coast.

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