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    Pulp Art For The People

    Brooklyn Brewery wanted to democratise craft and create a Hazy IPA for the people. Inspired by Pop Art – the New York movement spearheaded by Warhol and Lichtenstein to make art accessible to all – our concept was born. We combined the worlds of art and beer to create Brooklyn Pulp Art: Hazy IPA for the people.

    Mashing up two New York icons, we gave the Brooklyn badge a pop art makeover. Inspired by Lichenstein’s signature style of thick black lines, clashing colours and a healthy number of polka dots (or Ben-day dots to use their official title), Pulp Art started to pop with its fun and fruity new look.

    Our bold background pattern matches the beer’s bold flavour palette with juicy crops of stylised fruit. Striking secondary patterns and in-your-face typography puts Pulp Art’s tropical, juicy refreshment on repeat again and again and again across advertising.

    “Thirst really took the time to understand the fundamentals of our brand, which made the project truly collaborative at every point. They know how to identify the sweet spot where fun and engaging branding meets consumer need and market opportunity, which is arguably the biggest challenge when it comes to developing new brands these days. They were a joy to work with every step of the way.”

    Samantha Itzkovitz | Vice President Marketing at Brooklyn Brewery

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