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Storywood Tequila

Showing there’s two sides to every Storywood

LocationAberdeen, Scotland

DeliverablesBrand Strategy, Naming, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, Packaging, Brand World, Brand Experience, Brand Guidelines

Ordinary tequilas can be quite one dimensional. Aged in one way – bourbon barrels, and drunk in one way – fast. But Storywood is no ordinary tequila. A tale of two personalities, two cultures and two national drinks, it’s the creation of a Scotsman and a Master Tequila Distiller who age their tequila in ex-Scotch barrels, unlocking new flavours with every stave.

After developing an extensive strategy to pinpoint Storywood’s place among consumers, competitors and the drinks market as a whole, it was time to dive into brand identity. With Mexican heart and Scottish soul, Storywood is the new era of tequila and it was important our brand reflected that. Inspired by the brightly painted walls of Mexico and Scotch’s bold number cues, we created a striking two-tone colour pallette with a eye-catching slogan to match: Live free, sip slow.

Storywood’s ‘live free, sip slow’ message sits proudly at the heart of every bottle showing there are two sides to every Storywood. Gone are the days of shooting and slamming, this is a drink to be savoured. So we set about creating a wider brand world introducing people to a new way of drinking, transforming a culture of shots to one of sips.

We developed a brand world that used bold copy, vibrant colours and interweaving the icons or Milagros (Mexican charms that bring good luck) we hand-drew as part of Storywood’s rich visual language. Alongside this we built out thorough guidelines for photography, advertising, web and social media to ensure Storywood is always showing its best side.

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