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    Proudly Authentic, Refreshingly Original

    Famously the most ‘borrowed’ glass in pubs, Innis & Gunn lager was already a Scottish icon; but with a mission to cement its position as a craft beer leader and build on existing success, we modernised and premiumised the full craft range to bring its originality to a wider audience. We set out amplify its authentic spirit, reducing noise to increase impact.

    A new iteration of the famous golden flourishes, representing the quality and flavour of the liquid, contrast with an enriched tone of the established hero green. The brandmark was recrafted by hand, bringing a new sense of both confidence and detail where it had previously been overshadowed by its surroundings. Now, still true to its DNA but with improved shelf standout and product clarity, Innis & Gunn Lager’s spirited past has made way for an even bolder future.

    Following the launch of the new Lager pack design, Innis & Gunn saw a 48.2% increase in sales in premium national supermarket as well as the sale value increase by 12% in the first 8 weeks alone.

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