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Une Femme Wines

Strong. Ambitious. Elegant. Timeless. Say bonjour to Une Femme Wines.

LocationNew York, USA

DeliverablesBrand Strategy, Naming, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, Packaging, Brand World, Brand Guidelines

Synonymous with success, steeped in tradition and almost always named after a male founder, you’d be forgiven for thinking the champagne industry is a little stuck in the past. That’s certainly how Jen Pelka, owner of New York and San Francisco-based champagne bar The Riddler, and her brother Zach felt. 

With 78% of wine in the US bought by women and a steady stream of female producers shaking up the scene, the siblings saw an opportunity for a range of luxury wines made by women for women. A new classic that would bring champagne out of the 18th century while being just as prestigious and just as covetable as the late and greats. 

The result is Une Femme, and it was our job to create a brand deserving of the champagne’s pioneering proposition.

We wanted our brand to be a symbol of success for like-minded women – like a Chanel lipstick, a Diptyque candle or a Clare V bag. Une Femme needed to look the part in the homes, on the tables and in the hands of all the women hustling their way to the top. So we headed to New York’s hottest restaurants and champagne bars to learn more about the current market and trends. 


After an in-depth brand workshop with the team, we developed our strategy around a proud, powerful statement celebrating the multi-facted nature of feminimity: Je suis une femme.  

We combined this strong, single-minded strategy with inspiration from luxury fashion houses and high end brands to give Une Femme a bold yet understated look that feels strong, ambitious, elegant and timeless. The iconic monogram gives Une Femme its own level of prestige, using the brand’s initials to create an abstract glass. 

Our stripped back monochrome aesthetic is elevated through material and meticulous attention to detail across the packaging, from fluted foil finishes to luxurious ribbon details.

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