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Turntable Whisky

Flip the Record on the Ordinary

LocationGlasgow, U.K.

DeliverablesBrand Strategy, Brand Identity, Naming, Packaging, Brand World, Brand Guidelines, Artwork & Production

In a busy blended Scotch category that has a reputation for playing second fiddle to single malt whisky, Turntable was created to flip the record on the ordinary and turn the heads of connoisseurs worldwide, elevating the creative dram into a premium culture and lifestyle. 

Positioned as a modern day subversive blending house, we turned it into an immersive experience where whisky creativity is savoured with a sip of true transparency. The Brand Identity through to Packaging captures the essence of experimentation and innovation that Turntable represents, and also the counter culture so often associated with music that reflects what they are doing with their blends.

A standout feature of the Turntable branding is the icon, consisting of two Ts, reminiscent of the iconic Penrose stairs. Its multi-dimensional elements were created to capture the brand manifesto of flipping the record on the ordinary. The tall, bold type-face is designed to express the proudly confident and liberating creative brand personality.

Distinct three-tone palettes capture the depth of each blend – also evoking the tasting notes – with gold foiling to highlight quality and elevate the limited edition whiskies. 

The packaging design revolves around ‘the split’ – a signature diagonal divide bisecting the centre of the Turntable wordmark along with perceptions of what a blended whisky can be. On one side of the split is a tonal colour background – with the Turntable icon embossed in gloss – and a bespoke abstract illustration on the other to communicate the flavour profiles of each ‘track’.

Each bottle is topped with a laser engraved cork with the Turntable wordmark running round the edge, a nod to a classic 1960s record player that was a feature of the founders’ home lives growing up and gave the blending house its name.

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