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  • Design Director

    • Creative
    • Glasgow
    • Remote
    • UK
    Remote Status:
    • Hybrid or Remote
    Employment Type:
    • Full-Time


    Email with your CV and include why you think you are the right person for this role, as well as your salary expectations and current notice period.

    As a Design Director at Thirst, you will be a creative and cultural leader. Your ability to lead teams, deliver results and inspire the team and clients is quite simply world class. You work outside your comfort zone to find unique results and new opportunities. A pure representation of the Thirst values and creative philosophy.

    Key Characteristics

    Confidently lead projects
    Inspire the team
    Inspire clients
    Be the voice of Thirst
    Live and breathe our Creative Philosophy

    • A creative leader and ambassador of our Creative Philosophy, always pushing it forward to ensure every piece of work we create is exceptional.

      Leave no stone unturned. Always asking – is this a 10/10? Could it be elevated? What else could we do?

      Take a lead role in creative review meetings by identifying great ideas with clear rationale. You also spot opportunities to elevate ideas to higher levels.

      Communicate ideas and direction clearly throughout the creative process both internally and externally without losing sight of the original brief and goals.

    • You are a creative role model in the team. You bring energy and enthusiasm to all stages of the creative process.

      Take responsibility for ensuring the appropriate level of resource has been assigned to your projects and manage this resource efficiently.

      Taking ownership of project delivery ensuring work gets delivered to the highest standard, on time whilst conscious of commercial obligations.

    • A creative and strategic driver of our pitch responses. Finding unique ways into a brief and shaping a compelling argument.

    • Identify exceptional strategic thinking, and articulate why you believe it is right for the brand.

      Support the strategic team in reviews and contribute with feedback on the work.

      Form strategic opinions of a brand by contributing and adding valueto the strategy team.

      Continuously building an understanding of the different categories we work across.

    • Take the lead role in being the creative voice of Thirst. Create and build strong client relationships that embody the Thirst brand and present work in an inspirational and impactful way to the client.

      Understand the client objectives and devise ways to build a long term partnership.

      Proactively think of ideas to inspire the team or client that could lead to new business.

      Understanding commercial needs of a project- timings, resourcing, and budget management

    • You are invaluable support to CL and Strategy. You’re a safe pair of hands and lead by example by going above and beyond to support your team members.

      Be a source of energy and inspirational mentor for you team. Regularly check in with your mentees, coach them through challenges, elevate their ability, check in on their mental health and create opportunities for them to achieve their goals.

      Contribute towards your mentees PDR process.

      Identify and escalate issues within the team to CDs as appropriate.

      Broaden the team’s minds and bring unique and interesting forms of inspiration to the whole team.


    Email with your CV, PDF of your relevant portfolio, and why you think you are the right person for this role. Please also include your salary expectations and current notice period.