Bottling Wild Island’s spirit

Wild Island Gin is a premium gin infused with hand gathered botanicals from its home – the small, stunning Hebridean island of Colonsay. Visiting the island on a tiny wind-battered plane, we were taken with the landscape’s rugged, organic, ever-changing beauty and sought to capture it by using an equally unruly medium; watercolour.

Wild and free

Letting the watercolour flow wild and free, we found formations and shapes evolved naturally to create a beautiful pattern for our premium brand. Pairing this with a simple wordmark that nods to the island’s Viking heritage, we then achieved the perfect finish by printing our design on both sides of the transfer.

We wanted a contemporary look and feel and what Thirst delivered helped us exceed already lofty ambitions.

“We appointed Thirst to develop the assets for Wild Island Botanic Gin, asking them to bring a real atmosphere of the island from which we source our wild botanicals. We wanted a contemporary look and feel and what they delivered helped us exceed already lofty ambitions.

Our product quality is first class, recognised by our recent Gold Medal at the International Wines and Spirits Competition in the ‘Contemporary Gin’ category, but it is the unique, intriguing and highly distinctive packaging that draws the consumer into the brand. Abstractly based on the island’s Kiloran Bay, the colours and contours of the design have been interpreted as belonging to the island, a true product of its environment.

Our overall sales doubled in the first 6 months and are on course to double again up to our financial year end, and, undoubtedly, we can attribute much of this to a highly original visual representation of what our brand stands for.”

Keith Bonnington
Managing Director Colonsay Beverages