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White Heather Blended Scotch Whisky

Whisky as rare as White Heather


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One of the whisky world’s most esteemed entrepreneurs and master distillers, Billy Walker of Ben Riach fame, had a new project. While Single Malts had long been seen as superior to blended Scotch, Billy’s new ultra-premium offering, White Heather, was going to set the record straight. Our task? Make blended whisky covetable again.

As Scottish legend has it, the elusive White Heather brings good fortune to all who find it. But if you’re holding a bottle of White Heather, you’re already one of the lucky ones; for blends of this quality are as rare as its namesake.

Our brand sought to reflect the uncommon degree of craft and care that goes into creating this blend by developing delicate floral filigree to wrap the label. 


The bespoke wordmark picks out a sprig of white heather at its heart to showcase its preciousness, with embossing adding a luxurious level of tactility to the final label.

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