Uniting old and new

WEST Brewery has built its reputation on a Glaswegian Heart, German Head attitude and an eclectic set of brands. With its first foray into cans, we were set the challenge of uniting existing, established brands (St Mungo and WEST 4) and new, never before visualised ones (GPA) under the WEST umbrella. Our solution? Colour.

Over the last 18 months, we have been working with Thirst to expand our line of packaged beers. It was our wish that each beer has its own style and personality while still staying true to the WEST brand we have built.

They developed our existing brands WEST 4 and St Mungo with respect to their roots while elevating the design to a new level of stand out in retail. GPA was a new packaged line for us and it has been a great success, the brand has massive impact on shelf and on bar.

As a result of the project, we have secured multiple new listings with supermarkets nationally and it has kick-started a new phase of our business.

Petra Wetzel | Founder

Cohesion through Colour

WEST’s red, black and white brand colours are famous in both the on and off trade. We leveraged this powerful palette, along with graphic devices, to create a cohesive can range. With three brands to tackle, we first created a striking new style for GPA then crafted the existing WEST 4 brand to match. Finally, we isolated St Mungo’s more traditional brand assets to give a 360 degree can experience and allow it to fit in visually with this modern, minimalist look.

One brand, three colours

The can range is the first phase of Thirst’s WEST work which aims to build brand through colour and content style rather than rigid brand systems. This approach allows for a more eclectic, expressive and engaging range that feels like a family, but with more freedom.