Keeping Relevant in a Raucous Category

With the pace of change and the proliferation of competitors, craft brewery years can often feel like dog years, and at 13 years old Thornbridge Brewery was facing a midlife crisis. Having been one of the trailblazers of the craft beer movement, their brand now felt dated and dusty. They needed a brand that could reassert their authority and restore relevance in order to grow in line with their ambitions.

Working with Thirst was an absolute pleasure. Creatively they were superb and totally understood our heritage, this transferred into can designs which have quickly become the envy of other breweries and the must buy can of the consumer.

We are a Brewery that has been based on innovation over the years, however, when the concepts were delivered by Thirst I was reminded of a quote by Coco Chanel “One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics” – I truly believe that we now have modern classics in beer can design.

Simon Webster | Chief Executive Officer

Back to the Start

To uncover the story behind their existing assets, we returned to Thornbridge’s home; the beautiful Thornbridge Hall. Pattern was a core part of Thornbridge’s brand, but the existing motif felt unrefined and generic. While walking the grounds and corridors of the Hall, we found inspiration in the decorative detail of the main fire’s mantelpiece and converted this into a premium pattern. By merging Thornbridge’s classic monogram and bold colour palettes with this new bespoke pattern, we created a strong brand family.

Timeless not Transient

Having kicked off the project with a tour of supermarket shelves, we knew we needed to monopolise on Thornbridge’s ‘recent heritage’ to stand strong in the face of wild, young craft breweries. By rationalising and leveraging Thornbridge’s long established equities, merging their classic monogram and bold colour palettes with our new bespoke pattern, we created a strong brand family.

Merging Old and New to Restore Relevance

Simple, sophisticated and stand out, this redesign opens the doors to Thornbridge Hall, allowing every consumer to hold a piece of the brewery’s heritage in their hands. Rolling out across bottle, can, keg and merch the redesign has aged Thornbridge gracefully and successfully, with the cans selling out before they had even been produced. All in all this redesign has helped re-establish Thornbridge as the beacons of British brewing that they are.