Taking Tea Sodas to the Masses

Denver-based Teatulia were bringing their first ready-to-drink tea to market and turned to Thirst Craft for a bold new brand. Having made their name by regenerating 3,000 acres of land in Tetulia, Bangladesh before producing their organic leaf tea, Teatulia was now introducing their Denver-famous Tea Sodas to a wider audience.

Waking up the World of Tea

Tea has a bad rep in America. Hot tea is what your granny drinks and iced tea isn’t really seen as ‘tea’. It was up to Teatulia’s category defining Tea Soda to wake up the sleepy world of tea, and what better way than to return to its roots and the vibrant, exciting, beautiful festival of colour, Holi?

Bursting with Flavour

These tea sodas are unexpectedly delicious, unbelievably refreshing and full of vibrant flavour combinations such as peppermint tea with hibiscus, pomegranate lemonade and mint. In a category dominated by tea leaves, ingredient illustrations and natural palettes, we used bright, bold colour eruptions to express this burst of flavour in an exciting, celebratory way. Pairing our colour bursts with bold block text, the brand achieved powerful shelf stand out across the range.