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Square Root Soda

Showing Square Root is soda made right

LocationLondon, United Kingdom

DeliverablesBrand Identity, Packaging, Brand World, Brand Guidelines

Square Root live and breathe soda. They know their aronia from their achocha and their tarocco from their moro blood orange so we, thankfully, don’t have to. Their sodaworks bursts with flavour and personality, but it was also bursting at the seams. As Square Root moved facilities to supersize production, they needed a brand to help them supersize their success too.

"We were so attached to our original branding that to even think about changing it required a lot of convincing but we'd decided it was time. We approached Thirst because of their amazing work with Fullers and Thornbridge and I loved the whole process from start to finish. We had so much fun working with Thirst on every detail of the new Square Root and it's really refreshing to work with people who push your ideas further and help you come up with something amazing. They're an amazing team of people who really got involved in our world of Non-Stop Fizzy Pop and took it to the next level.10/10 would rebrand with them again (except we love the new branding so much it's not changing.)"

Robyn Simms | Co-Founder & Soda Popper in Chief

Square Root is Soda Made Right. It’s soda made with passion, personality and principles. The Square Root team had so much to say about each soda, we decided to bottle all the juicy bits with a fruit-sticker-inspired brand. 

Held together by a confident new wordmark, fruit stickers layer to tell the story of each soda. Peel and reveal neck labels add a collectable element to the renewed range, while one-liners add some personality to pack. 

With limitless combinations, Square Root’s fruit stickers can live anywhere, spreading the Soda Made Right message to the masses. 

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