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Mac-Talla Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A taste of the untamed with Mac-Talla

LocationIslay, Scotland

DeliverablesNaming, Brand Identity, Packaging

There’s no place like Islay. Steeped in tradition, shaped by the elements, it’s long been a breeding ground for greatness. Great history, great legacy and of course great whisky. For generations, the Morrison family have sought to bottle this greatness. Time and time again they have answered the island’s call, at the mercy of its weather-beaten shores. 

The result is Mac-Talla. Carved by the Terra, Mara and Strata at the very heart of Islay, it’s a taste of the untamed that leaves a lasting impression

Meaning ‘echo’ in Gaelic, Mac-Talla takes you on a taste journey across the island of Islay. Selecting the best single malt whiskies to showcase the variety and depth across different strengths, ages and maturations. 


Borrowing from the visual language of travel, we created a ticket inspired layout tells a story of the liquid inside and encourages the drinker to start their journey to the world of Islay whisky.

Using the signature Morrison bottle in a rich olive colour to convey cues of peated Islay whiskies and a touch of smoke, passport-style etched illustrations capture scenes and stories from the island as a finishing touch. A range of whiskies that, like the island they came from, echo in the memory for evermore.

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