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Korev Lager

The Call of The Coast

LocationCornwall, UK

DeliverablesBrand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging, Brand World, Brand Experience, Brand Guidelines

Born in Cornwall and inspired by its surfers-paradise shoreline, premium lager Korev (meaning beer in Cornish) had the potential to be a key brand in St Austell Brewery’s portfolio.

However thanks to a provenance and existing visual identity which were frequently misunderstood, the brand felt constrained rather than liberated by its county borders. With an ambition to serve Korev to the nation, we partnered with St Austell Brewery once again.

We knew the opportunity for Korev lay in exporting the free spirited lifestyle modern Cornwall had come to embody. But to do this we first had to establish an authentic sense of place for the brand.


Using the Coast as our Compass, Korev’s new visual identity emerged. Abstracting the Cornish county gave us the gift of a perfect South-Westerly pointer. While active typography borrows from the language of outdoor lifestyle brands to lend direction and dynamism to the wordmark.


A tonal vista of Cornish beauty spot Purthcurno Beach builds a strong coastal connection, while a copper star marks St Austell where Korev was originally created. The brand palette borrows directly from its home, refreshing aquamarine sea with fluorescent orange buoys. A subtle compass device along with the new brand line ‘The Coast is our Compass’ brings everything together.

Rolling out across communications, a resonating secondary pattern adds energy to the brand world while immersive imagery interrupts urban environments to deliver a refreshing hit of the coast. Headlines are designed to awaken your inner adventurer and give a taste of the sea air wherever you may be.


Activations lean further into the coastal vibes, brought to life with reclaimed wood and sail-like wax canvas awnings. Across every touchpoint, the new Korev lock up acts as a bold beacon of Cornish free spirit. The new visual identity feeling like a refreshing rallying cry of the coast. 

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