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Groove Wines

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LocationNapa, California

DeliverablesBrand Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity, Packaging, Brand World, Brand Guidelines

Wine can oftentimes be an intimidating category, best navigated with a glossary of terms and blind courage. So when canned wine boomed in the US, it brought with it both a kick of excitement and sheer disappointment all the while. Because whilst a smaller format is a low-risk investment that invites experimentation, the product quality did not always match the brand promise.

Created by two creatively fearless enophile entrepreneurs, Groove aimed to raise the game of canned wine with grown-up wit, casual-cool edge and premium organic quality that is high on standards and low on lingo.

With a name that embodies a slice of the good life and that easy vibe you get on the third day of holiday, Groove is a brand that enables you to enjoy the ride whatever the tempo: whether you’re ready for a rosé Joyride, going places with The Daydreamer (Sauvignon Blanc) or getting gracefully moody with The Raconteur (Pinot Noir). Easy to get and even easier to enjoy. 

To reinforce the brand’s no-frills ethos even further, we defined a visual identity that is fearlessly bold and distinctly iconic. The Groove ‘G’ is in equal measure an expression of rhythm, flavour and assertiveness distilled into one vivid symbol that is both a beacon at shelf and an endlessly creative canvas for innovation.


Here’s to canning a different vibe. So dress down, kick back and find your Groove!

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