Putting a Spring (Summer, Autumn and Winter) in Fuller’s step

Fuller’s much loved seasonal ales were showing their age despite the liquid tasting every bit as delicious as it always had. Consisting of 16 beers across three ranges in cask and keg format, the design was looking disconnected and dusty resulting in declining sales, disgruntled publicans and a weakened Fuller’s brand.

Simple system

For this complex range, we created a simple system. First and foremost we returned Fuller’s to its rightful place at the heart of the beer through a strong, consistent lock up. Then we introduced a colour strategy to help with range navigation, using the hues of each season to tie the different brews together.

Modern classic

For the Super Seasonal beers (which stayed on tap for the entire season) we developed beautiful, soft brushed illustrations with a classic but contemporary feel. 

Fuller's Summer Ale Pump Clip
Fuller's Red Fox Pump Clip Design
Fuller's Old Winter Ale Pump Clip

Topical tributes

For the shorter-lived Seasonal Cask, we tied the illustrations into more topical events like cricket or rugby, while keeping tones from our seasonal colour palette.

Bold typography

For the keg beers, the main story was Fuller’s innovative brewstyles, so we opted for a straightforward typographic treatment to celebrate the names. Inspired by old lettering around the building, this system allowed us to create an alphabet of bespoke type in order to be as agile as the keg beers themselves.

Fuller's Seasonal Keg Badge
Fuller's Seasonal Keg Typeface
Fuller's Seasonal Keg Typeface
Fuller's Seasonal Keg badge

Selling season

Overall the new approach tied each season together with clarity and charm, renewing attention each quarter. The new range was so popular Fuller’s literally couldn’t brew the beer fast enough, with new brewing slots quickly being dedicated to the seasonal range in order to accommodate increased demand.