A new craft beer in cold town

Our client had a vision to set up a new craft brewery in the notoriously chilly city of Edinburgh. What they didn’t have was a name, positioning or brand for their new venture, cue Thirst…

From the first week of launch, Cold Town Beer rocketed to a top three sales position (within a wide category) across all on trade sites, becoming the top-selling beer in a third of the venues. Having smashed already ambitious sales projections, we had to increase capacity within six months to meet demand

Louise MacLean | Director of Sales & Marketing

Cutting Through a Cluttered Category

With over 2,000 breweries in the UK, the category has never been busier. The shelves and bars are swamped with wild names and abstract illustrations to decode, so much so that consumers who come to the category looking for choice can often end up feeling paralysed by it. With our single-minded positioning, we wanted to silence the noise through strong simplicity; we wanted to call a beer a beer.

Brrrr….it’s cold in here

Inspired by a contemporary interpretation of Edinburgh’s ‘Calton’ Hill which literally means ‘Cald Toun’ in old Scots, Cold Town Beer was born. A clean, striking system brought powerful stand out and range navigation, while the snow flake asterisk provided a strong brand device both on and off pack. To continue to keep things simple, the can is two faced, introducing single word beer descriptors at its heart to prompt and help consumer choice.

Painting the Town Cold

Our brand and tone of voice scaled seamlessly off pack and into the brewery, merchandise, glassware, vehicle livery and beyond. And with a brewpub due to open at the end of 2018, the temperature’s only going to get cooler…