Aruba’s Favourite Beer

The second of our Aruban beer rebrands, Chill sums up what this happy Caribbean island is famous for: sun, sea, sand and fun. Once Aruba’s favourite beer, Chill had lost its shine. Aggressive competitors paired with an outdated design meant Chill was in its fourth consecutive year of decline. Having reached out to partners across the globe, Chill chose Thirst to evolve and re-energise its beloved beach beer.

Sun, Sea and Chill

Chill’s sun swoosh and script font were old fashioned but famous on Aruba. We wanted to maintain these recognisable assets but give them a more contemporary feel. Bespoke flowing typography set against a striking sun and retro inspired rays gave Chill the contemporary beachy vibes it needed.

Rays for Days

These flexible assets combined with a new brand story turned the tide of Chill’s declining sales, putting Chill back where it belonged; in tourists’ and locals’ hands on the beach.