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Càrn Mòr Scotch Whisky

Single Malt Whisky straight from the cask by Càrn Mòr

LocationPerth, United Kingdom

DeliverablesBrand Identity, Packaging Design

Following on from our creation of a new identity and custom bottle for Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers, Thirst were asked to bring new life one of the distillery’s key brands and range of whiskies. Càrn Mòr curates limited edition single malt scotch whiskies from the most sought after Scottish distilleries. Guided by the patience, integrity and intuition the Morrison name has become synonymous with, founder Jamie Morrison selects each and every cask for the range.


Càrn Mòr is all about letting drinkers enjoy whisky in its purest form, always bottled straight from the cask with as little interference as possible. Each one is pure, unadulterated and strictly limited edition.


Every Cask selected in the Càrn Mòr range has been hand-selected for the qualities of the whisky within. Each has its own unique properties and characteristics and these facts and figures are why our drinkers love it. We borrowed from the language of logbooks and raw data to give Càrn Mòr the human touch. 


The Càrn Mòr wordmark and colour palette are inspired by the cask storeroom, a heaven to a true whisky lover. By using stencilled typography like the chalked information found on casks & touches of copper from the metal hoops, our bottle feels like a product of the cask itself. 


The base Càrn Mòr label is perfect and pure while overlapping data labels feel more spontaneous: signed stamped, filled in and slightly offset to add a feeling of everything being hand-selected and applied.

With three ranges under the Càrn Mòr banner, we created a system that showed the scaling up of rarity and value of the whisky within.


The Strictly Limited range holds whiskies between 10 to 17 years old. A clean white base label speaks to the pure nature of the whisky inside while secondary labels feature pastel colours to give a more modern finish. 

The Celebration of the Cask Range features whiskies between 18 and 30 years old. To elevate the range a bronze base label replaces the white. and bolder, fuller colours are selected for the secondary labels holding all the key characteristics of the whisky inside.

At the most premium end of the range sits the Family Reserve Casks featuring specially selected casks from the Morrison family cellar. Each is only available in less than 300 bottles and all have been originally distilled from between the years 1960 and 2000. Each is housed in its own wooden case. The Càrn Mòr name screen printed directly onto the bottle and a custom copper neck collar hero its origins, with the inscription “rare and remarkable single malt scotch hand-picked from the Morrison family cellar”. The perfect finale for a very special range of whiskies.

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