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Butcha Kombucha

Bringing Layers of Creativity into Butcha’s new Brand

LocationAmsterdam, The Netherlands

DeliverablesBrand Identity, Packaging, Brand World

Founded by chefs, Butcha Kombucha aims to stir the senses and challenge the status quo of standard sodas. Driven by wild fermentation, their inventive brews have a balance, complexity and depth you don’t get elsewhere. 

Thirst were tasked to rebrand Butcha Kombucha with a new visual identity that reflected their unique taste experience.

A delicate, hummingbird icon was created inspired by Butcha’s chefs. Just as hummingbirds are always searching for nature’s sweetest, seasonal nectar, Butcha’s chefs search for the best ingredients to create each soda’s unique flavour combinations.

Translating this into design, we created a unique texture for each element, layering them to create visually striking patterns which told the story of each soda. The result is beautiful layers of complexity created from wild fermentation, premium tea leaves, aromatics, fruit and botanicals. 

Icon and pattern together create a colourful, expressive brand that brings Butcha’s layers of creativity to life.

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