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Turning craft beer into clean water

Thirst helped us establish a great social media presence, allowing us to bring the brand to life at a time when our cans were just reaching our backers and our first stockists. I would recommend them to new and established craft brands any day.

Alan Mahon, Founder of Brewgooder

Doing Good by Brewing Good

Brewgooder is a social enterprise that plans to use 100% of the profits from selling beer to provide clean water to communities in Africa. The target is to provide clean water for 1 million people in 5 years. The business will not be seen as a gimmick but as a serious craft brewer producing top quality beer and collaborating with the best in the business.

Brewgooder Glass turning craft beer into clean water

Project Overview

Our main goals were to establish social media platforms and build an audience, set the tone of voice for the brand and ultimately increase sales and acquisition. The brand had a great story – it gives 100% of its profits to clean water projects around the world. It also had some challenges. It did not have a brewery, only made one beer and it was vital we created a real beer brand with longevity and not just a gimmick.

The Execution

It started with creating a set of visual assets that appealed to the target market; 25-35 year old socially conscious people. We wanted to build a set of assets that really showed off the product, both in can and on draught. We developed a photography brief that created images that slotted the brand and beer into an aspirational lifestyle for our target market. Working with our photographer, we built a large database of images, tailored for use on social media.

Brewgooder - burger and beer

Facebook and Instagram were chosen as the main platforms for this strategy as our research showed this was where the target market was. Using Facebook’s ads platform we put targeted content directly in front of our target audience with great results. Before we took over the brands social media, it really struggled for engagement that increased dramatically under our control by 26,000%.

Brewgooder, girl picking up glass of beer

To keep content fresh and our audience engaged at key points we ran competitions on Instagram and Facebook with over 400 entries and a total reach of 50,000 from this activity.

In addition a brand video announcing the beer’s availability on Amazon went viral with 12,000 views and a total post reach of 31,000, resulting in the beer becoming the number one selling lager on Amazon at that time.


Unique social users exposed to the brand.


Increase in followers


selling lager on Amazon at launch

Brewgooder, beer and BBQ

Launching a new beer from an unknown brewery into an already busy market can be a challenge. We managed to leverage Brewgooder’s uniqueness and use it to the brands advantage increasing brand awareness and generating sales and acquisitions.