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BEVY Hard Sparkling Refresher

A Refreshing Take on a Nordic Classic

LocationBoston, USA

DeliverablesInnovation, Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, Packaging

As the US alcohol market was evolving and diversifying at a stratospheric pace, expanding beyond beer, cocktails and canned wines, the category was avidly longing for fresh innovation. 

With little competition in the space, the Boston Beer Company wanted to spearhead the growth and fame of a new niche - the Finnish-inspired Long Drink - by creating a nationwide iconic drink that speaks to the flavour adventurous. Originally concocted by the Finnish Government as the tipple of choice for the ‘52 Summer Olympic Games, this treasured national cocktail is as refreshing as it is sessionable. 

From strategy to identity, we partnered up with the Boston Beer Company innovation and in-house design teams to create a brand narrative that speaks to the modern joy seekers, while paying homage to the long drink roots alike. 


Celebrating Finland’s happiness accolades and influenced by the awe-inspiring effervescence of the Northern Lights, we defined BEVY as a catalyst for unlocking joy in everyday moments with vivid expressivity and uplifting wit. 

Channeling the iconic Scandi simplicity, we crafted the audacious BEVY type to stand proud in the category, offset by the spirited vitality of the flavour-full lights and the crystal cool blue brand palette. 


Dynamic and stimulating, the brand colours come alive across the brand world, balancing instant brand recognition with bright excitement, transporting you to a refreshed state of mind


In a space where stripped-back purity is yesterday’s trend and try-hard aesthetics no longer cut it, BEVY aims to reimagine the codes of refreshment with optimism, vibrancy and fun. With only a few months on shelves, the brand is in for the loooooooong game, already making waves and crushing competition along the way. 

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