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Bellfield Brewery

Rebranding Bellfield Brewery to resonate with the masses

LocationEdinburgh, United Kingdom

DeliverablesBrand Positioning, Brand Story, Identity, Packaging, POS

Bellfield is on a mission to brew delicious beer - beer that just happens to be gluten-free. However, with an uninspiring, healthy-looking brand they were increasingly getting pigeonholed as only for the gluten-free few. With multiple taste awards in their pocket, they wanted to open their beer up to the masses with a more contemporary design that cuts through on shelf. 


Our new positioning ‘Bellfield Brewery: For the Free’ turned their beer’s gluten absence into an attitude which could apply to beer lovers, gluten dodgers and vegan feasters alike. A revolutionary rebrand followed.

Instead of opting for a literal ‘bell’ we focussed on the ‘clapper’ (yes, that’s what the inside part of a bell is called, we didn’t know either). This forms a strong, industrial wordmark from which bold patterns, inspired by sound waves, resonate out.

We wanted to create a brand that can stand the test of time for this ambitious and creative brewery, so we developed a design theory to allow Bellfield to develop endless designs to suit each beer. Each beer’s flavour profile can be reflected through design using patterns and colours. Plus the bold, playful pattern resonates easily off can into merch, POS, environment and beyond.


Crisp pilsners would use clean, thin lines and vibrant colours to showcase the flavour profile whilst hoppy, fruit ales use thick, undulating patterns and more adventurous colour palettes. A sour gose may use angular, pointed waves to indicate the tart and sour flavour.

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