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Thirst Tasting

Thirst team tasting – The Blend by Chivas Regal

Making the most of our Wednesday night, team Thirst went along to The Blend by Chivas Regal to try our hand at blending the product we’re so used to branding.

The main message of the evening? Unsurprisingly, don’t bad mouth blends. With the superior status that’s been showered on single malts over the last decade, perceptions of blends have taken a bit of a beating. Not in sales where they still comprise over 80% of exports but in most consumer’s perception, where they have lost their shine to the single malt and lost out to the pressures of a premiumised category. After all when your whisky knowledge is shaky, like many of the younger audiences who are beginning to experiment with brown spirits, ‘single malt’ acts as an easy crutch to fall back on as a quality indicator.

Outreach such as Chivas Regal’s ‘The Blend’ is paramount to a re-education in blends; celebrating the art, science and craft behind them. Activations and campaigns like this will begin a new dialogue with consumers, deepening their understanding and appreciation of the liquid and in doing so bolstering the broader blends’ market.

So, while none of Team Thirst will be challenging Chivas Regal’s master blender anytime soon, it’s good to hear blends being talked about with the positivity and passion they deserve.

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