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Beyond function, to feeling

Food is finally being seen as one of the most powerful wellbeing tools outside of medicine, with functional food and drink sales soaring (topping $267 billion globally, Euromonitor 2020). From cognition to digestion, prevention to reparation, beauty to immunity, consumers are demanding more than just flavour from their food, with both established and new brands looking to function as an essential part of their future.

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Tea's Tumultuous Takeover

As the most consumed beverage in the world after water, tea has seen a renaissance over the last years as people’s pursuit of wellbeing and thirst for new experiences boomed. From traditional cup to the hard stuff and everything in between tea brands old and new could learn a thing or two from each other as they fight to stay relevant and grow market share.

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Why modern-day drinkers are embracing aperitifs

Whether it’s sipping champagne in northern France, stirring up a classic Negroni, or one of the 1.5 million Instagram posts tagged #aperolspritz, the humble aperitif has long been an integral part of the way we drink. Yet for many, it’s an unsung hero – more likely to be associated with Grandma’s sherry cabinet than an intimate gathering among friends.  We’ve always seen the category as packed with potential – and that’s not just because we enjoy a Negroni. So we’re pleased to see a shift in the market as both classic and contemporary brands give the category the attention it deserves, making the most of emerging trends in the way people drink.

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Canned cocktails and the rise of RTDs

Ready-to-drink cocktail sales have skyrocketed 40% in the past year. And while those numbers are dominated by big brand spirits expanding their portfolio into premixed cans, thanks to the holy trinity of craft, convenience and experimentation, we’re seeing independent – and even non-alcoholic – options creep into the mainstream. So why are cocktails in a can so in demand? It seems it’s less to do with what we’re drinking more to do with how we’re living.

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Thirst Craft Hard Seltzer Branding Packaging

Hard seltzer: A not-so-hard sell

It’s the simple, inoffensive drink that’s taken Instagram (and the wider world) by storm, and with sales projected to reach $2.5 billion by 2021, it looks like it’s here to stay. But what exactly is a hard seltzer? And how did it become such a, well, easy sell?

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Kicking off 2020 as Agency of the Year

Thirst has been crowned World Brand Design Society Agency of the Year for 2020 following winning five awards at this year's competition as well as winning seven awards at the Harpers Design Awards.

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Five Ways to Get the Edge with Brand Experience

Much like museums have eschewed old dusty cabinets in favour of stimulating interactive exhibits, brands are re-energising their experiences in the hopes of transforming visitors into life long advocates. From ‘permanent’ PR stunts to brand homes, here are five ways to give your brand the edge through experience.

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