Sparking taste at first sight

Brewer and owner of Commonwealth Brewing Company – one of the rising stars of East Coast USA craft beer – came to us with a succinct if not straightforward creative brief: “I want to visually see the flavours I taste in the can.”

My experience working with Thirst has been one of the most satisfying creative collaborations I’ve experienced to date.

Given the extreme demands of running a rapidly growing small business, it has been a relief to know that I could trust their understanding of our vision and perspective to create something truly unique that I could not achieve with other design companies. 

For the first time, I’m working with a team that can create truly artistic designs that invoke a beautiful brand evolution while remaining true to our vision.

Jeramy Biggie | Founder & M.D.

Full on flavour

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we immersed ourselves in the flavours of the beers. Expressing them first in words, then translating these descriptions into textures by photographing oils, vinegars and inks interacting. The overall look was like nothing else on shelf. Together the bright, bold textures formed a robust range – creating uniformity through eccentricity.