Loch Ness Brewery

Rebrand for the brewery based in one of the world's most famous and mysterious stretches of water, Loch Ness.


Our challenge was to create a concept that harnessed Nessie, an iconic Scottish legend, in a way that appeals to all beer drinkers. No ginger hair and fluffy hats. No big scary teeth and claws.


The concept is based on someone’s behaviour when visiting Loch Ness for the first time. When you’re standing at the banks of Loch Ness, you can’t help but look for Nessie.


We built a mobile friendly website with an eCommerce shop. Fancy buying some beer now?


“The refreshed branding has been an overwhelming success and has already won us a number of new customers in our domestic and export markets.”
Stephen Crossland MD at Loch Ness Brewery.

The print production utilises a high-build varnish over the waves and Nessie. This high-build varnish gives the most fundamental aspects of the brand identity further enhancement, brand impact and memorability. A high-build screen is a one off expense for the brewery, with the application of the screen having no great impact on the cost per label.


Photography credit:
The Curries
Blue Doors Studio

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Loch Ness Brewery