Doctor's Orders Brewing

A small batch brewing company from Sydney, Australia. Doc is all about interesting, thought provoking and inspirational beer. 


They often base their beer on emerging, historical and/or rare styles that usually come with a twist. 

I credit Thirst for providing Doctor's Orders Brewing with visually appealing and inviting artwork that invites customers to have their first pints of Doctor's Orders beer when the tap is amongst more prominent brands.


Once holding a bottle of Doctor’s Orders you need to rotate the bottle to discover all the various pieces of information, it becomes an adventure, just like drinking the beer itself.


Photography credit: Blue Doors Studio


I find Thirst extremely approachable, dependable, diligent and willing to do what it takes to get a design that aligns with my vision within the agreed timeframes....

Social Engagement

We love seeing fans around the world engaging with our work. On social media, watching drinkers photographing our packaging is very rewarding. We feel the need to showcase these amazing interactions.