48 Miles Later

48 Miles Later is a collaboration brew between Fyne Ales and Brewdog, all in the spirit of Brewdog’s #Collabfest. Each Brewdog bar elected their favourite local brewery, Fyne Ales being the choice of the Glasgow venue.

Winner of two 2014 Scottish Design Award  
— Best Packaging
— Chairman's Awards for Design

We developed a concept that would incorporate the two locations as well as the breathtaking drive required to reach the brewery from the Glasgow bar.

Anyone who has experienced the route will know exactly what I mean. Once you leave Glasgow you soon hit the shores of Loch Lomond, which takes you along to the peaceful Tarbet. Beyond Tarbet the road weaves and climbs along the cliff face into the Rest and Be Thankful.

The in-comparability and beauty of the journey was enough to inspire us for a meaningful and appropriate label for the beer.